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Tensile Roofings In Chennai

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Tensile Roofing Contractors In Chennai

Name Description
Color All General colors.
Shapes It can be curved to any shape.
Used Car parkings, Malls, Entrances, Swimmings pool.,etc.

Amudha Decors Tensile Structures In Chennai

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Amudha Decors Tensile Roof Structures



Tensile Roof Structures

are perfect for outdoor uses. The outdoor tensile structures are specially made for outdoor use. It contains all features that are perfect for outdoor. The outdoor tensile structures are used at various places like restaurants, walkways, schools, house, tents and many places as per the client’s requirement. It fulfills the requirement of clients.

A tensile structure is a modern architectural design that combines tensioned membranes or cables with sturdy supports to create lightweight, flexible, and visually striking enclosures. These structures offer versatility and are perfect for large-scale applications like stadiums and exhibition halls. They feature steel cables or beams anchored to supports, eliminating the need for internal columns and creating spacious interiors. Tensile structures use durable materials and can be customized for canopies, awnings, or shade structures in outdoor settings. They require meticulous engineering and computer modeling to ensure structural integrity and resistance to environmental factors. Tensile structures bring a progressive and elegant touch to any space, offering functionality and aesthetic appeal.


The outdoor tensile structure protect from ultra violet rays which harmful to your body skin. These can be used as temporary, permanent and for short term. These reduce the temperature of house when used as awning and roofing. It provides perfect light and shade to the area. 

Tensile roofings cost

is not high. It is highly demandable for outdoor uses because of its perfection and suitability. It provides amazing look and admired by the visitors.

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