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Metal Roofing Contractors In Chennai

Name Description
Color Aesthetically attractive colors like poppy red, merlin grey, blue, olive green or light grey.
Shapes “A type” , Semi arch, One side slope. Sheets are available in trapezoidal and sinusoidal profiles.
Thickness 0.47mm (TCT) , 0.50mm (TCT)
Length As per the requirement.

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Color Coated Roofing Sheets are highly durable roofing sheets which have high-quality color coating throughout the roof or cladding. The thickness of coating depends on the weather conditions and its use. These roofing sheets come with lining enamel which is used as internal lining.

Metal Roofing Sheets are manufactured from the metals like stainless steel or aluminium and are well insulated.

Metal Roofing Sheets price in Chennai is Low.

These roofing sheets available in different colors and can be laid on bare sheet metal as well.

Dimensions and Color:

  1. Thickness: Standard thickness is available in 0.47mm (TCT). It is also available in thickness of 0.50mm (TCT).
  2. Color: These sheets are available in aesthetically attractive colors along matching the building design and structure. The enchanting colors can be poppy red, merlin grey, blue, olive green or light grey.
  3. Size: Cut to required size of 1100mm.


  • Aesthetically attractive.
  • Can be fabricated and erected with immense ease.
  • Perfect insulating capabilities.
  • Rigid structure.
  • Cold bridging can be eliminated.
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • The sheets have standard thickness that allows no leakage.
  • Extremely weatherproof and hence doesn’t allow sunrays, wind.
  • Made of recyclable materials and thus can be recycled.
  • These sheets are availed in different colors.
  • Fitted easily with simple tools.
  • No tear-off or wear-off.
  • Resistant to corrosion for longer period of time.
  • Easy to install, can be installed easily by oneself.
  • Owing to galvanized surface, these is good finish and shining.
  • Heat conductivity is very low.
  • Available at reasonable cost.


  • Residential buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Commercial buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Barcadding

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